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Let us help you organize and clean your home.
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Helpful Hands prides itself on having the premier cleaners in the business. From daily cleaning to yearly services are available.
Decluttering & Organizing
When your life and home need some assistance call Helpful Hands to get you organized. Custom systems are available to help you in the long term.
Packing & Unpacking
Helpful Hands is there from the beginning to the end of your moving process. We take this difficult time and make it easy !
Our janitorial specialist are available for annual contracts both big and small.
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Pre Listing
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Let Helpful Hands take the stress out of your next construction project. We have the experience to help your project go smoothly.
Realtors all need a little help to make their listings sparkle! At Helpful Hands we are always there at a momentís notice.
Post Construction
Whether you have a property that is need of a major removal or just one room. Call on Helpful Hands to donate or dispose your property.
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After your dream has become a reality Helpful Hands will come in and make your home shine.
Lina Maria Lovallo (914) 305-1092
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